Weekend Volunteering Tour to Fuyang, Anhui Province

An unforgettable volunteering tour teaching English to children in rural primary schools in Anhui with Stepping Stones and Chiheng Foundation! 

Charlotte Bardin,  volunteering trip participant,  March 2014: “I have been teaching English with Stepping Stones in Shanghai’s migrant schools since Autumn 2013, and I was curious to discover what the education was like in the more underprivileged rural areas where these children are from. I got the chance to join the English teaching tour to Anhui organised by Stepping Stones jointly with the Chi Heng Foundation, and I will never regret the 3 hours bus ride to the schools on bumpy roads. The trip was organised over the weekend, and I was amazed by the kids’ eagerness to learn as they all showed up to attend our Saturday and Sunday classes! Despite the poor facilities, thanks to the dedication and energy of our volunteer team, we managed to create a space where the children could express their creativity and learn while having fun!

What I consider our greatest achievement is the team spirit that developed almost immediately among the volunteers. Our excitement to teach them was only exceeded by their excitement to learn! In a word, this trip was life-changing. I saw first-hand what potential these kids have to transform their society.

So students, professionals, “taitais and guytais”, retirees, locals and expats alike should all join Stepping Stones’ tours, and do your bit for this exciting and diverse community. It’s guaranteed that you will learn as much from those children as they will learn from you!”

The following summarizes all essential information about this past trip.  For details on our next Anhui province trip to Guangde, please click here.

When:       Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March

Where:      Fuyang, Anhui Province

What:    1.5 days of voluntary English teaching to students at three rural schools, and visits to the students’ homes.

Who:         Volunteers wanting to spend a weekend to travel and learn more about China while giving back to a rural community.

Cost:           RMB 2,300 per person, including:

  • Round-trip by fast train from Shanghai to Hefei;
  • Local road transport by minibus;
  • 2 nights’ hotel accommodation with breakfast (one night in Hefei, one night in Fuyang);
  • 3 full time staff support;
  • Lunch and dinner on the Saturday;
  • Lunch in students’ homes on the Sunday;
  • Gifts for the host families and the students;
  • Pre-departure preparatory training;
  • Full set of teaching materials;
  • Administrative & training costs;
  • Small contribution to help sustain Stepping Stones and Chiheng’ regular programmes;
  • Volunteering certificate for all participants.

Deposit: RMB1,000 per person, to be paid by Saturday 15th March.

Capacity: Minimum 15, maximum 20 participants.  Places secured on a first come first served basis on payment of deposit.

Training: 13:30 – 16:30, Saturday 15th March, 2014 at Stepping Stones office

Our partner: Stepping Stones’ partner for this tour is Chiheng Foundation, a charity registered and based in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Anhui and Henan. “Chi Heng” means “wisdom in action”, and CHF believe in using their knowledge to help people in need. CHF helps AIDS-impacted children to complete their educations and receive dependable and comprehensive long-term support.

Chi Heng Voluntourism is designed to promote awareness of the plight of AIDS-impacted children, to facilitate interactivity between people from different backgrounds, while generating funds to finance CHF’s scholarship programs and developing local employment in the long-term.

Lesson plans and the necessary teaching materials will be provided for the English classes, and volunteers will be placed in teaching teams of two or three. Each teaching team will teach classes of 20 – 30 students. The lessons will be taught through an English medium.

Volunteer requirements: Volunteers must be in good health and have good discipline, good English skills and a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards teaching young children.

Other: Volunteers aged 13-18 may join only if accompanied by their parent, guardian or teacher, who will take full responsibility for them during the tour.

Contacts: If you are interested in participating in such a tour, please e-mail Nicki Trinh at program@steppingstoneschina.net with your name, e-mail address, phone number, number of potential participants and your available weekends.

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