Videolink Teacher Training

Since the beginning of 2017, with funding from the American Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai and subsequently by the British Chamber of Commerce, Stepping Stones adapted the Teacher Training Program to reach teachers at schools in remote rural China. This program is called Videolink Teacher Training (VTT), which as the name suggests provides teacher training to rural English teachers through videolink.

English teachers from various provinces are selected through interview to join the training, which is delivered live by our experienced and qualified English teacher trainers through an online platform. Prior to the live lesson, teachers complete an online self-study module, so they come equipped to the live lesson with the relevant background knowledge and terminology. After the live session, which features an activity planning task, the teachers try out a new activity in their real-life classrooms, making videos of these activities to share and discuss on Wechat with their online cohort. Please see below an example VTT training session.

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Teachers’ English Corner – Online

Overview: Teachers’ English Corner (TEC) Volunteers help English teachers for rural and left-behind children improve their oral English confidence, thus helping them teach their students better. Volunteers lead a one-hour online conversation class with rural teachers situated all over China.

Time commitment: Half a day per week or every other week (including preparation time) and a minimum of one school term (3-4 months). Online volunteering takes place on a weekday evening or on the weekend.

Requirements: Fluent or native level of English; interest in communicating the English language to teachers. Good at interacting with adults, patient, understanding and respectful.

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