How to get the students to follow your instructions so that you can give a rockstar lesson?

Here below are the refocusing strategies introduced by our new volunteer training manager Claire to get students’ attention in class. Enjoy! The process of getting your students’ attention – without getting frustrated and raising your voice – is challenging. Luckily, … Continue reading

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We are still looking for Online English Corner volunteers.

Do you want to help English teachers for migrant and left-behind children improve their oral English confidence, thus helping them teach their students better? If so, our Teachers’ English Corner may be for you. Based in Shanghai  These English volunteers are master … Continue reading

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17 individual volunteers have taught 1559 rural students, yay!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Between January and August 2018, We have sent 17 volunteers to teach in rural schools, villages and community centers. The beneficiaries have all been rural, migrant and ‘left-behind’ children spread out in seven different provinces. Both the beneficiaries and the … Continue reading

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We support our new semester volunteers with onboard trainings!

This gallery contains 8 photos.

The autumn has arrived and our volunteers have had the on-board trainings to start their lessons! In total six trainings have been rolled out to prepare our beloved volunteers for the classroom. We are happy to announce that Stepping Stones has established a … Continue reading

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What does our trainee say about the Videolink Teacher Training program? Read here Ningning’s testimonial!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Ningning’s Testimonial I’m Ningning, a teacher from Hongbo school in Luyi. In 2017 it was my first year to teach English, so I was nervous every day and felt so much pressure on my shoulders. Fortunately, I received help from … Continue reading

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Come and have a chat with us at the Expat Show!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

We will be present at the annual Expat Show in Shanghai! Come and have a chat with us between 21 – 23 September if you are around! Our stand no. is VI06.

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Our summer camps are over, thank you all for the input!

Our 2018 summer camps are over! Thank you everyone for all your hard work to make this a BIG success (Porsche, Bank of Communications, Target, Aboro, Teaching Nomad, Think Global, Disney English, Yakult, Google and our volunteers) !

Our super students and corporate volunteers taught grades 2-4 classes at two sites. It is so good to hear parents say that their kids have become more knowledgable not only academically but also socially! Yes, with so many different classes, it must have been a very enriching experience. The tuition fee was only 800RMB per month this year to make it accessible for the under-privileged. 

If you are curious about our summer camps, you can check out one of the videos for our closing ceremony here; if you want to sign up for volunteering, please register here

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Want to use the Internet to help left-behind children? Volunteer for Videolink!

Would you like to volunteer remotely to help left-behind children in isolated and disadvantaged areas around China improve their English? If so, the Videolink Program needs your help.
In this program, volunteers teach a minimum of one 40-minute class per week for the duration of a full school semester via the internet. You must be over 16 years of age, have a proficient level of English, a basic knowledge of internet technology, and a strong commitment to helping disadvantaged children.
If you are interested, please do the online orientation then register as a videolink volunteer on our website. For more details, contact Sherry Jia at:  
What do others say about our program? 
…Videolink is a new form of teaching for me. Basically, it’s a video conference between students in their classroom and us in our office. I’m glad to see projectors installed in kids’ classrooms and Stepping Stones makes use of the high-tech to make remote teaching possible. Volunteers don’t have to go to where the students are, which saves time and money for both sides. …Thanks to Ross at Stepping Stone who provided us with great training, tech, and admin support, together with the teaching materials we needed for each class to make life easier. He’s always there if anything comes up and trying his best to improve the program. My classroom teacher Fanny in Guangde also gave me great help. We communicated through our Wechat group before each class to make sure I had the right sitting plan and prepared for the right unit. Students have learnt what we are going to teach. So our goal is to help them review, create for them a full English speaking environment, and encourage them to actually use the language, to speak out…
— Shusi He, Hong Kong (Videolink Volunteer 2017)

…To be honest, when I started thinking about teaching English via Videolink, it made me very nervous, and I wanted to give the best and the most perfect lesson for the kids. I was wondering how can I get to know the individual kids when I’m not physically present in the classroom amongst the students. And the worry didn’t just stop there: I remembered that I would be teaching in Chinese rural areas where technology isn’t the greatest at all.

However, the on-boarding experience with Stepping Stones was really great. Ross from Stepping stones helped me on the training as well as on the teaching material (PowerPoint lessons). Everything was super organized! The kids were all awesome. They are very smart and bright kids. And with the help of the Classroom Teacher I managed to engage all the kids in a very fun way (sing a song, play games, etc.). We learned about time, animals, places and many more things.

This teaching experience is truly the best feeling I ever had. And for me in return, being perfect wasn’t the one after all, instead it’s all about having a fun lesson and happy to see all the kids’ English improve greatly over time. I’m really thankful to my company and Stepping Stones (CT and Ross) for helping me along this journey. Thank you, and I can’t wait to teach next semester. :)…

– Lisawaty Indayang, Singapore (Videolink Volunteer 2017)


“Although I was excited about this new English course, I was also worried about my English skills. I had always tried to avoid speaking English in front of others. In the first class, the big smile on the teacher’s face comforted me. I told myself that I was going to take this opportunity to learn and speak as much as I could. Gradually, I became familiar with my teacher, classmates, and the course.

At the end of my course, I had learned more than I expected. Not only my communication skills improved dramatically, but also my courage to try new things. I want to thank all my teachers for their efforts. Although we were a hundred miles away from each other, it feels like you were sitting in front of me. In the future, I wish my teachers could come to my school and visit us.

Lastly, I want to thank my school for giving me this opportunity, as well as all the teachers. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. Looking forward to seeing you and wish you all have a great summer.”

– Zhang Bo (Videolink Student 2017)
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Come to The Rooster this Saturday for Scavenger Hunt!


Thanks to The Rooster for hosting a Back to School Scavenger Hunt for our programs. All the proceeds of the event will benefit Stepping Stones.  

Here is the official description from The Rooster:

 “On August 25, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., your teams will be running across Shanghai, trying to tick items off of your scavenger hunt list. Meet at The Rooster at 2 p.m., and we will have a hard start at 3 p.m.! Rest assured, by the time you get through the list, you’ll have experienced all the good and straight up weird things that we have come to love about Shanghai. Street dancing aunties, anyone?” 

Are you excited? Save the date!!


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For English version please click here



  1. 与上海的学校、社区中心以及其他合作伙伴保持联络,以确保上海英语教学项目的顺利开展和施行。
  2. 协助志愿者(尤其是高中生志愿者)的组织和管理。
  3. 协助项目经理综合规划、并施行铺路石上海英语教学项目及夏令营项目。 







  • 与上海英语教学项目的合作学校和社区中心保持沟通及良好的工作关系。
  • 确保所有参与上海英语教学项目的合作伙伴、志愿者、家长及学生签署协议。
  • 受理项目合作伙伴的劳务费和场地费。
  • 辅助包括定性和定量问卷在内的评估和监测工作。确保在开始新项目前完成必要基线数据的收集,在学期结束时完成比较数据的收集。 


  • 协调高中生志愿者团队确保课程教学按照计划进行。
  • 在必要时安排代课老师。
  • 定期实地考察项目点,支持、观察志愿者并向志愿者提供反馈。
  • 每周核查出勤表以及志愿者的教学计划,期末准备志愿者证书。
  • 在志愿者数据库中更新志愿者信息。
  • 在每学期末组织志愿者答谢会。 



  • 大学或同等程度学历;
  • 有项目协调方面、非营利或志愿服务领域及英语教学方面工作经历的优先,更重要的是拥有快速学习的能力;
  • 中文母语水平,流利的英语口语和读写能力;
  • 独立工作及团队合作能力强;工作有条理;能同时处理多种任务并可适应不断变化环境的能力较强;
  • 有志于在公益领域、公益发展、社会问题及/或英语教学等领域寻求发展;
  • 良好的职业道德及乐观积极的工作态度;
  • 有计算机运用能力。 


  • 全职岗位,要求一周5天(在学期中时,需要周末上班一天)
  • 承诺至少工作一年;在双方达成一致的情况下有可能延长雇佣期限。










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We are looking for a Shanghai English Teaching Program Coordinator!


Stepping Stones is looking for a qualified and committed candidate to play a key role in our Shanghai English Teaching Program (SET).  The Program Coordinator is the main liaison person communicating with Stepping Stones’ partner schools and community centres about our Volunteer English Teaching Program in Shanghai, and is also responsible for coordinating our high school volunteer program.  

The successful applicant will have three main areas of responsibility:

  1. Communicate with Shanghai-based schools, community centres and other partners to ensure the smooth implementation of the SET.
  2. Help to organise and manage the volunteers, with particular responsibility for the high school volunteers.
  3. Assist the Program Manager in the overall planning and implementation of the SET program and Stepping Stones summer camps.

The SET is Stepping Stones’ earliest and biggest program, starting in 2006, and with hundreds of volunteers now teaching thousands of students at 30 sites in Shanghai. The Program Coordinator plays a crucial role in maintaining relationships with program partners and building relationships with new partners.

This position provides an exciting opportunity to organise a volunteering program, with the chance to grow and develop within a dynamic non-profit organisation. 

SET Program Coordinator Job Description

The candidate will report to SET Program Manager and be part of a supportive and friendly team.

Detailed Responsibilities:

Shanghai Schools and Community Centres Liaison:

  • Handle the communications with school and community center partners and maintain a good working relationship.
  • Responsible for agreements with program partners, volunteers, parents and students.
  • Process program partners’ labour and venue fees.
  • Assist with monitoring and evaluation work, including qualitative and quantitative surveying. Ensure that the necessary baseline data is collected prior to starting a new program, and that the comparative data is collected on time at the end of the semester.

High school volunteer group coordination:

  • Coordinate high school volunteer groups, to ensure that classes are taught according to the schedule.
  • Arrange for substitute teachers when necessary.
  • Visit the schools and community centres regularly to support, observe and provide feedback to volunteers.
  • Maintain weekly attendance sheets; prepare volunteering certificates.
  • Update volunteers’ information in the volunteer database.
  • Organize a volunteer appreciation party at the end of each term.

The Program Coordinator will have the opportunity to work with the Program Manager at a strategic level with the planning and evaluation of the Program, as well as assisting with volunteer recruitment, training and communications. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • University-level education or equivalent;
  • Work experience in project coordination, in the non-profit sector, in volunteerism and in English teaching will all be useful, but being a quick learner is more important;
  • Native-level Chinese communication skills as well as oral and written fluency in English;
  • Ability to work independently as well as within a team, multi-task, stay well-organized and adapt in an ever-changing environment;
  • Interest in the non-profit sector / development / social issues / English teaching;
  • Excellent work ethic with a positive attitude;
  • I.T. competent.

Other Requirements:

  • This is a full time position (five days a week including one Saturday during term time).
  • We require a commitment of at least one year, with the potential to extend the term of employment upon mutual agreement.

Compensation and Benefits:

Compensation will be at local market levels in the non-profit sector and take into consideration the skills and experience of the successful applicant. Stepping Stones will provide all statutory benefits, plus 12 days annual leave in the first year of employment.

Stepping Stones is unable to assist with work permits, visas or accommodation. 

Start Date:

The candidate should be available to start working for Stepping Stones in mid to late September 2018 at the latest.

Work Location:

The SET Program Coordinator will be based at Stepping Stones’ office at 12F, Asionics Building, No. 6, Lane 1279, Zhong Shan Road West, Shanghai, but will travel regularly to the schools and community centers. Occasional working from home may be possible.


To apply for this position, please send your resume to by 17 September 2018 with a cover letter to explain your suitability for this job position, and why you are interested in it. English language applications are preferred.   

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Volunteer with Stepping Stones to teach English to migrant children!

Want to create a better future for migrant children in Shanghai? Meet like-minded volunteers from around the world and discover your inner talent in teaching and mentoring?


Stepping Stones is now recruiting enthusiastic volunteers to join its Shanghai English Teaching Program to teach English to migrant children in Shanghai. English is one of the three core subjects in the Chinese curriculum and it poses the most challenges to rural and migrant children.

Do you…

  • speak English well and confidently?
  • enjoy interacting with children?
  • want to improve the education and general welfare of disadvantaged children?

 Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 5.55.59 PM

Join us and make a difference! We warmly welcome volunteers from all backgrounds.

Key Program Information:

  • 10 – 30 students per class at community centers OR 40 – 50 students per class at migrant schools
  • Autumn semester: September – December 2018; training sessions: 11 Sept / 15 Sept / 16 Sept 2018
  • Classes available any day (Monday to Sunday). Classes are once a week for a full school semester (a full school semester in Autumn will be 10 – 12 weeks)
  • 35 minutes per lesson at migrant schools and 1 to 1.5 hours per lesson at community centers
  • Teach together with a minimum of two volunteers per teaching team (alternate arrangement for main teacher and assistant teacher role)


Minimum Volunteering Commitment:

  • Once a week for a full school term with a minimum of 8 weeks teaching 

Stepping Stones will provide an online orientation and a training session which will cover information on migrant children in China, migrant education, lesson plans, teaching tips and classroom management techniques. Trainings will be held on 11 September, 15 September and 16 September 2018 (volunteers can choose one suitable date).

Interested in volunteering with us? Hear what our volunteers said about their volunteering experiences with us here and register as a volunteer!

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Help English teachers to practice speaking English!

Do you want to help English teachers for migrant and left-behind children improve their oral English confidence, thus helping them teach their students better? If so, our Teachers’ English Corner may be for you.

We offer two very different volunteering experiences: 

1) If you are resident in Shanghai, and have free time on weekdays, you can visit a group of English teachers at their school and do a conversation class with them.

TEC Jeonghyun_Corner 1A-1

Zhenxing Zaya TEC_Corner2A

2) If you are not resident in Shanghai, and/or have free time only in the evenings, you can do an online conversation class with rural teachers situated all over China.     



A commitment of at least twice a month for a full semester is required. No experience necessary. Training will be provided. 

If you’re interested, please contact Desi Nieto at and don’t forget to register online.     

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The first two summer camps of 2018 are completed last week. Yay!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the successful completion of the first two summer camps today! At the closing ceremonies the smiles and the tears on the children’s faces, as well as the cute performances, showed clearly just what a wonderful time they have had! We will post more visuals of these summer camps next week, stay tuned!

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Googlers and primary students work together to create.. leaf art! 

During our summer camps for primary school students, we also actively collaborate with local and international companies. This year for the first time, Google employees have joined us to teach arts and crafts to the children. Here are some nice shots of the classes: the creativity sparkled as the leaves blossomed to become wonderful art pieces. 

Teaching Nomad, Disney English and Aboro Academy continue to offer free lessons at our camps for a second year, and Porsche, Yakult, Target and Prudential have also joined our summer camps for the first time. This is a unique experience for the children as well as for the companies, to give a helping hand and receive lovely smiles in return. If you or your company is also interested in contributing to the education of under-priviledged children, please find more information here

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