Student Groups

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Stepping Stones has collaborated with many local and international high school and university student groups since our inception in 2006. Partnerships with prestigious schools as diverse as NYU Shanghai, East China Normal University, Concordia International School Shanghai and Shanghai High School have achieved outstanding results in schools and community centers for under-privileged children in Shanghai and rural China.

3 types of volunteering opportunities:

  1.  Join one of our regular English Teaching Programs! High school students can join our Tutoring Program, tutoring students in English once a week or biweekly in a migrant schools or community center in Shanghai. University students can join our Classroom Teaching Program, teaching English once a week for a minimum of 8 weeks during a school term at migrant schools or community centers in Shanghai. Lastly, student volunteers living anywhere in the world can teach English to rural children through the internet in our Videolink Program. Stepping Stones will introduce your students to a suitable program site according to their location and availability, and manage the program sites. All volunteers receive orientation and teacher training. To sign up as a volunteer, click here.  
  2. High school and university student groups can participate in a Rural Volunteering Tour which takes student volunteers to places such as rural Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu or Zhejiang Province for a weekend or a whole week to teach English to under-privileged primary school students. These tours usually cost between 2000 and 3,500rmb per participant(depending on location, group size, and length of stay).
  3. Partner with a local migrant school and run an I Care Project where your group raises funds to purchase spectacles for students in need. Stepping Stones can also train Chinese-speaking students to teach the migrant children about the importance of eye care.  

Please also let us know if your school is willing to host activities for migrant children, and/oryou would like our help to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with a school or community center for migrant children.

To discuss the volunteering needs of your student group and how we can help fulfill your volunteering requirements, please e-mail with answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you a high school or university group?
  2. How many students would like to participate? If they are high school students, how old are they?
  3. What is the group’s availability? Weekdays, weekends, after-school, a full week or various?
  4. What type of volunteering experience would your group like to participate in? (See above)
  5. Is your school able to provide a venue for activities with migrant children?