Stepping Stones periodically sends out a newsletter to its volunteers, supporters and friends with updates about our programmes and events, as well as any updates around the progress of migrant education in Shanghai.

To receive future e-mail newsletters, please send your contact details to with “Newsletter” in the subject line.

Our Past Newsletters

Year 2014

Stepping Stones 2014 Autumn Newsletter 铺路石2014秋季简报 (EN+CN 中英文)

Stepping Stones 2014 Summer Newsletter 铺路石2014夏季简报 (EN+CN 中英文)

– Stepping Stones  2014 Chinese New Year Newsletter 铺路石2014春节简报  (EN+CN 中英文)

Year 2013

– Stepping Stones 2013 Summer Newsletter
– 铺路石2013夏季简报 (电子贺卡及其他)

Stepping Stones 2013 Chinese New Year Newsletter (English)
铺路石2013春节简报 (中文)

Year 2012

Stepping Stones 2012 Autumn Newsletter (English)


Stepping Stones 2012 Summer Newsletter (English)

Stepping Stones 2012 Spring Newsletter (English)
铺路石2012春季简报 (中文)

Year 2011

–  Stepping Stones 2011 Christmas Newsletter (English)
–  铺路石2011圣诞简报 (中文)

–  Stepping Stones 2011 Autumn News (English)
–  铺路石2011秋季简报 (中文)

Year 2010

–  Stepping Stones 2010 Autumn News (English)
–  铺路石2009秋季简报 (中文)

Year 2009

–  Stepping Stones 2009 Autumn News (English)
–  铺路石2009秋季简报 (中文)