Rural Volunteering Tours

Organise a unique and meaningful group outing for your school or company!


  • To bring outside support to neglected students;
  • To encourage English learning among students in remote rural areas.


Key Information:

  • Week-long (Monday to Friday) or weekend (Friday to Sunday)
  • During school term time (September-January, February-June) or summer holidays (July-August)
  • Ideal group size: 12-25 volunteers
  • Teaching 3-4 (40 min) English lessons per day
  • Conducting additional activities with the students (e.g. digital literacy, arts & craft, music, dancing, etc.)
  • Group of 6-12 students per volunteer pairs

These tours are paid for by the company / school. Stepping Stones uses a portion of the revenue from these tours to sustain and support our core programs. 


  • Migrant children, Left-behind children, Rural Children
  • Primary or middle school students 

Location options:

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi.

Stepping Stones will organize and lead group tours, providing:

  • Comprehensive Briefing & Training sessions for all participants;
  • Professional support and lesson plans;
  • Necessary teaching resources;
  • Transportation and accommodation arrangements.


  • Grade 10 and above for high school group tours
  • Cover the tour costs. Each tour will have different costs depending on location, length and group size.
  • Speak English well and confidently

Get involved:

If you would like to organise a rural tour for your corporate or school group, or would like further information, please e-mail Sebastien Carrier at

 Volunteer Testimonials:

St. Paul American School – Guangde, Anhui – June 2018

“The students were too kind; they wanted to get our signatures. I made great memories and want to come again.” ( St. Paul American School student volunteer — June 2018 — Guangde, Anhui)

“This trip is all about the love and care for these students. If you want to be a teacher, this really helped and was a great experience for all of us. We learned so much from this trip.” (St. Paul American School student volunteer — June 2018 — Guangde, Anhui)

“I expected the kids to be shy, but they were so lovely and sweet. I’d like to do this trip again. I learnt being patient, calm and taking a deep breath when teaching can help to solve a problem.” (St. Paul American School student volunteer — June 2018 — Guangde, Anhui)

“This trip was better than expected because we were able to teach students new things and play with them. I believe I have become more patient with other people who don’t speak the same language as me and are trying to learn. Teachers have to make sure all the students are understanding and help them accordingly. This has taught me to pay attention to all the students. My view on teachers changed. I definitely created some wonderful memories and I really enjoyed spending my time teaching such amazing and cute kids.” (St. Paul American school student volunteer – June 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

“I really did learn a lot of things on this trip. It opened me up to China and not only their population, but their children. I learned a lot from them too. They were all so happy, excited and cheerful and it was a very thrilling experience. Thank you for giving me this experience. This changed my life and I will always remember it.” (St. Paul American school student volunteer – June 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

“I was quite surprised that the students were so eager to learn new words and were very polite. It’s hard being a teacher and you need a lot of creativity to come up with new games.” (St. Paul American school student volunteer – June 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

French School – Guangde, Anhui – April 2018

“Just watching my students as teachers was incredible. A whole new personality emerges from what I see as their teacher.” (French School Teacher – April 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

“It was a very humbling experience. I got presents from students (fruits, drawings, origami) and it was really nice. It made me feel so happy that they really liked me. I think their presents are more valuable than a lot of money. Thank you for organizing this trip for us. I am really happy that I could have this experience” (French school student volunteer – April 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

“I learned a log about how to manage kids, and also teach new languages to younger people and I think both can help me in the future.” (French school student volunteer – April 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

“I know how difficult it is to be a teacher. I liked to teach students and felt proud when they learned new words or won a game. It helped me because I want to be a teacher later.” (French school student volunteer – April 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

“I want to be a primary teacher when I grow up. This helped me a lot because I learned how to prepare classes and how to keep students’ attention.” (French school student volunteer – April 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

“I want to be a teacher in the future, so this was my first experience in teaching and its comforted me in the idea that this is what I want to be.” (French school student volunteer – April 2018 – Guangde, Anhui)

Previous Testimonials

 “The teaching of students is a precious journey which teaches both students and teachers.” (SUIS Student – Guangde, Anhui Tour – November 2015)

“I think it’s a great way to help our community while seeing another side of China, rather than Shanghai’s bright shiny lights.” (Lizhang, Zhejiang Tour volunteer – August 2016)

“All kids no matter whether they are from migrant families or wealthy background should have the same rights to study. It’s good that the migrant kids can get more chances and better resources through NGO help.” (Education First staff member – Wuxi, Jiangsu Tour – November 2016)

“Sometimes I forget that I have a chance to be in a good school and have a good education. I realized that with so little you can make people happy.” (Lycee Francais student – Guangde, Anhui Tour – April 2017)

“My personal highlight of the trip was when the students who are very shy opened their heart to us and began to get involved in our lessons actively.” (Dengfeng, Henan Tour volunteer – June 2017)