English Teacher Volunteer Training

One of the most important ways Stepping Stones supports its volunteers is by providing a comprehensive Orientation & Training (O&T) before assigning them to their respective schools.

The O&T covers the key aspects that volunteers need to know before committing to teach English to our students. During the O&T, volunteers are briefed on Stepping Stones’ mission, and how the programme is organized. Background information on the educational situation for left-behind and migrant children in China is presented in order to provide the context and rationale for our programmes. We give a demo class, provide basic teacher training and top tips for the classroom, and lead a practical exercise in lesson planning.

To register as a new volunteer and to be invited to our orientation and training, please check our Volunteer Page and complete our online registration form.

If you have already registered as a volunteer, you will be invited to attend our next mandatory O&T session, after which you can be assigned to one of our teaching programmes.

Most of our Orientation & Training is carried out in the training room at our office, but detailed joining instructions will be sent with an invitation to training after you register.  Please reply to our training invitation to let us know if you plan to attend the training, so that we can manage numbers.

Our Training Year

The first two months of each term are particularly busy as new volunteers, including university student volunteer groups and corporate volunteering groups, are trained in preparation for the start of the new semester. On average, around 350 new volunteers are trained each semester.

Please note

Trained volunteers have access to a wide array of resources in Stepping Stones’ Cloud Resource Centre (e.g., flashcards, teaching ideas, teaching tools, textbooks and lesson plans).

Please e-mail us at enquiry@steppingstoneschina.net with any queries.