Stepping Stones offers many internships throughout the year, including the summer. Our interns carry out many important roles in our organisation, and we welcome applications from all candidates who fit the requirements below.

We’ll provide a friendly and fun work environment, as well as opportunities to learn about non-profit work, volunteerism, English teaching and the migrant situation in China. Click here to see interns testimonials. 

We are committed to providing formative feedback to our interns, and provide certification and references to interns after their internship as needed for future academic and work applications.

REQUIREMENTS are as follows:

  • Fluency in English and/or Chinese. Interns with working use of Chinese preferred.
  • Committed to the goals of Stepping Stones, interested in volunteerism and education.
  • Smart, self-motivated, quick and eager to learn, well-organised and with a positive attitude.
  • Capable of multi-tasking and prioritizing.
  • Minimum age 16.
  • Able to work full-time for at least one month or 3-4 days per week for at least 2 months.  Some work may be done from home.
  • Availability for occasional evening/ weekend work highly appreciated.

All interns may be called upon to help with teaching duties from time to time as well as general office administrative tasks including but not limited to printing, filing, photocopying, translating and managing office inventory and supplies, as well as assisting with ad hoc projects and at events.


All interns will have the opportunity to get involved in many different aspects of Stepping Stones' work listed below, and most interns will be required to do some teaching. Candidates may apply for a General Internship, or apply for one of the specialist vacancies  below:

  1. General Internship
  2. English Teaching Intern
  3. Communications & Marketing Intern
  4. Research Intern
  5. Computer Teaching Intern (fluent in Chinese)

 1. General Internship

  • Coordinating a teaching programme, which includes managing and supporting assigned volunteers
  • Acting as a substitute teacher / assistant teacher
  • Representing Stepping Stones at events, e.g. volunteer recruitment, fundraising,  corporate events
  • Assistance with ad hoc projects including some of jobs below
  • Translation (bilingual candidates only)
  • General office administrative tasks 

 2. English Teaching Intern

Special Responsibilities:

  • Teach English classes to migrant children at a variety of schools and community centers in and around Shanghai. Lead classes as a main teacher with the support of another co-teacher (when possible)
  • Develop lesson plans and source for suitable teaching materials and supplies to ensure a smooth delivery of the classes
  • Act as a substitute teacher or an assistant teacher
  • Coordinate a teaching site (a school or a community center), which may include organising volunteers attendance and communicating with volunteers on logistical and administrative matters
  • Act as a liason between a teaching site and Stepping Stones staff / office
  • Participate in external events for Stepping Stones (e.g., volunteer recruitment events, fundraising events, interviews, etc.)”.

 3. Communications & Marketing Intern

Special Responsibilities:

  • Writing articles for Stepping Stones' social media.
  • Updating and improving Stepping Stones' website.
  • Translation (bilingual candidates only).
  • Assisting at Stepping Stones training, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, sales, corporate and other events.

 4. Research Intern

Special Responsibilities:

  • Designing and carrying out feedback surveys involving different stakeholders (students, volunteers, parents, teachers).
  • Collating survey data.
  • Analysing survey output & writing reports.
  • Assist in other research projects related to migrant children’s education and welfare in China.

 5Computer Teaching Intern (fluent in Chinese)

Teaching Assistants are needed for our Stepping Up program to assist our full-time computer teacher to deliver innovative computer skills and life-skills training to small groups of around 10-12 middle school students in migrant schools in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province (and in community centres in the suburbs of Shanghai during the Summer).  This position involves a 90 minute commute from central Shanghai to the school.

Special Requirements:

  • Native Chinese-speaker with English fluency a plus.
  • Technically competent.
  • Strong interest in teaching computer- and life-skills to middle-school students (grades 6-9: ages 12-15).


Suitable and interested candidates are encouraged to send their resume to, along with a cover letter explaining their motivation and suitability for applying for this internship opportunity, and detailing their availability.  An interview will be arranged with qualified candidates.


Please note that Stepping Stones is unable to arrange or pay for visas, travel or accommodation. Interns will need to arrange these for themselves.


"Interning with Stepping Stones has been an incredible experience. I've gained great professional skills, and more importantly was able to make a positive impact in the world" (Elizabeth, Stepping Stones Intern, Videolink Program, 2017).

"Some of my students thanked us and wished that we would come back. Some of them gave me letters saying that when they grow up, they want to travel to Turkey to visit me. It was very meaningful for me" (Elif, Stepping Stones Intern, 2015).

"I know the issue is overwhelming, but you guys are doing a great job. I am glad that I could join here and became part of this journey. It changed me for better" (Mika, Stepping Stones Intern, 2015)

"Cultural immersion is possible only with Stepping Stones" (Cian, Stepping Stones Intern, 2015).

"I really benefitted from it. It opened wide my views, perspective, it has really impacted my life positively" (Evelyn, Stepping Stones Intern, 2015).