Selena Xu

Program Officer

Selena (Yueying) Xu is the program officer for the Tutoring program at Stepping Stones. To ensure a smooth and effective operation of the Tutoring program, Selena’s major responsibilities includes recruiting, training, and allocating coordinators and volunteers to various teaching sites; offering on-site support to volunteers; as well as assisting in the monitoring and evaluation work of the program.

Selena was born in China, and emigrated to Canada in 2008. She has lived in Beijing, Toronto and Paris before. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business administration from the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto. Her passion towards non-profit started in high-school. In the final year of her university, she and her friends have started a NGO that aims to solve food insecurity issue, this project has offered her valuable experiences to her non-profit career.

In 2017, Selena started volunteering with Steeping Stones as a site coordinator for the summer program. By witnessing the positive impacts Stepping Stones has brought to those students and communities, Selena has been highly motivated. Now, she is honoured to be a member of the Stepping Stones Team, and ready to contribute more to the migrant community through the Tutoring Program.