Rural Placement Opportunities for the Adventurous Volunteer

After a successful fundraising campaign through Tencent’s Charity Day, Stepping Stones, now has some funds to support Individual Volunteer Placements!

  • Sangzhi, Hunan 2016

Our Individual Volunteer Placements (IVPs) have been running for the past two years now and we have already sent more than 15 individual volunteers out to teach in rural schools. Our volunteers for this project commit to a minimum of one week and maximum of 3 months teaching English at a primary school for migrant or “left-behind” children in Shanghai or a rural area. Stepping Stones will provide you with training and lesson planning resources, and will organize your teaching placement details with the partner school. Please note that this project is only open to volunteers 18 years of age or older.

Now thanks to this fundraising campaign we will be able to support interested volunteers’ accommodation and domestic transport costs. Volunteers will bear their own international transport, meal and visa costs. We provide diverse location choices: Shanghai suburbs, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Hunan and Gansu provinces.

Learn about some of our opportunities:

1. Rural public village Primary school in Sangzhi, Hunan

  • Not far from the famous mountain range of Zhangjiajie, this rural school is situated in an old Chinese village bathed in green.
  • When: During school term times*
  • Duration: Two weeks or more

2. Village Community Center in Qiuzhuang, Jiangsu

  • Instead of teaching at a school in Qiuzhuang, our volunteers will teach English to the children in the local village at a villager’s home or the community center library. Volunteers will have the opportunity to be immersed in rural Chinese life, living with one of the villagers.
  • When: Spring Festival Holiday (January or February) and Summer holiday (July and August)
  • Duration: One week or more

3. Rural public village Primary school in Lizhang, Zhejiang

  • Located in a picturesque old styled Chinese village, surrounded by the beauty of Zhejiang mountains, Lizhang school has many “left-behind” children who are eager to practice their English.
  • When: During school term times*and Summer holiday (July and August)
  • Duration: One week or more

4. Rural public village Primary school or Hope school for orphans in Dengfeng, Henan

  • Dengfeng, located at the foot of the Song Mountain, is home to the famous and historical Shaolin Temple. The children at both these schools lack English teachers and are desperately disadvantaged.
  • When: During school term times* and Summer holiday (July or August)
  • Duration: Two weeks or more

5. Rural Village School in Luyi, Henan

  • Placed amongst the wheat fields in rural Henan, this school is in desperate need of volunteers to teach English to its students, many of which are boarding at the school.
  • When: During school term times*
  • Duration: Two weeks or more

6. Private Boarding Primary School for “left-behind” children in Guangde, Anhui

  • Located in a special development zone, this school emphasizes English more than most rural schools. You would stay in a hotel in a small village near the school.
  • When: During school term times* and early July (for summer school)
  • Duration: One week or more

7. Rural Village Primary School in Jiangdu, Jiangsu

  • In a rural area of Jiangsu, not far from the famed city of Yangzhou, lies a school with many “left-behind” children who could use English assistance from our volunteers. The students are enthusiastic about learning English and would benefit from increased English speaking practice.
  • When: During school term times*
  • Duration: One week or more

8. Primary school for Migrant Children in Wuxi, Jiangsu

  • In the old city of Wuxi, volunteers would have a chance to teach at a migrant school where the children lack the opportunity to practice their spoken English and would be excited to have a fluent volunteer English teacher.
  • When: One week or more
  • Duration: During school term time*

* Chinese school terms run from September to January and from February to early June.

Join one of these projects now!

Interested volunteers in one of these placement options should fill out our online volunteer registration, select the Individual Volunteer Placement option and indicate in the additional comments section about the length of placement sought and available dates. If you have any questions about this program, please email our Volunteer Manager, Morgan Banaszek,

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